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Find Your Passion...

So, you're asked as a kid "What do you want to be when you grow up?".

At the time, it seems like the hardest question in the world but of course it would be hard back then.. because you don't get to choose your passion in life, it chooses you.

From an early age I found playing guitar was a perfect way to express my self. Along the way, I learned how to play other instruments which enabled me to express my feelings even more thoroughly. When I was 14, I started recording my own songs on to a 7 track digital mixing console, I would record Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums and vocals then mastering the song. I would then rush downstairs to await the approval or disapproval from my parents.

I went to Yeovil College for 4 years studying music for 3 of the 4 years whilst I was there.

They would do an A4 mock sheet with a bunch of realistic briefs. This was for one of our modules which was my favourite of the lot. It was where you had to hand in a recording of a song every 2 weeks. Others in my year seemed to only make tiny phone recordings for submissions where as I would go home, record on my mixing console and master a complete song. I never had to worry about failing that module as I put so much hard work in and enjoyed the harder the brief got as the work meant writing new material.

In September of 2015, I was dropped off in Bristol in to my first accommodation. I would go on to live 3 years by myself in Bristol making friends, joining bands, sometimes going on pub crawls and learning all about music/sound design at an Ultra Professional level. It was here where I would establish where in the music business I fit and wanted to go.

Film, TV and Video Games had a big influence on me as a child and young adult. In my later teen years I would sit and watch movies my older Brother had suggested to me like

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, Let The Right One In (Swedish Film) by Tomas Alfredson.

This would lead me down the path of enjoying foreign Drama films and studying languages.

So, think of the small things in life you like. Reflect on why you do the things you love and always remember don't try to choose a passion,

a passion choose you.


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